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2009 Greendex survey – India Tops the Chart in Environmentally Friendly Consumer Behavior

Indian consumers hold top ranking in 17-country 2009 Greendex survey, conducted by the National Geographic Society and the international polling firm GlobeScan. The survey is conducted to measure and monitor consumer behaviors that have an impact on the environment. An interesting aspect in the survey is that majority of the Hindus don’t eat beef and this means they are greener as beef requires greater energy to grow.

Some results from the Survey

Factors contributing to the high ranking of India include a low incidence of having home heating (41 percent) and hot running water (38 percent) and a high incidence of using on-demand electric water heating (45 percent among those with hot running water), using solar energy to heat water (15 percent), and purchasing “green” electricity (34 percent, up 10 points from the past year).

Contributing to the increased housing score are improvements in performance on several behaviors such as ownership of energy-efficient appliances, minimizing the use of fresh water, and laundering with cold water. The most notable improvement is for keeping the setting for heating/cooling at a low setting — 64 percent of Indian consumers report doing so now, up 15 points from the past year.

Indians are second most likely to live close to their usual destinations and second least likely to own a car or truck (54 percent). Among those that do drive, Indians tend to have lower-than-average annual mileage rates. They are the most likely to own and use motorcycles or scooters and second most likely to drive a compact car, after Mexicans. In addition, walking or riding a bike is up 7 points from the past year (to 57 percent).

Their first-place ranking is attributable in part to being the least frequent consumers of beef — only 22 percent of Indians consume this weekly compared with an average of 63 percent for the 17 countries surveyed. Indians are also the most frequent consumers of self-grown food, with 35 percent (up 17 points) eating this type of food several times a week or daily.

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