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Thrissur Pooram Fireworks to be Environmental Friendly

One of the most anticipated events during the Thrissur Pooram festival in Kerala is the fireworks display. Thousands of people gather to witness the early morning visual treat created by fireworks. This year the fireworks display at Thrissur Pooram will have minimal deafening sound and more of color emitting. The move to make Thrissur Pooram fireworks environmental friendly needs to be appreciated as it is the mother of all temple festivals in Kerala and other temples will be encouraged to follow suit.

Fireworks are an essential part of temple festivals in Kerala and there is an ongoing debate in Kerala to make temple festivals more environmental friendly by reducing noise pollution. Recently, the fireworks display at Nenmara Vella Devi Temple festival near Palakkad, which one of the largest fireworks display in Asia, concentrated more on color emitting display and very large noise producing crackers were sparingly used.

There is also a move to stop the use of Potassium Chlorite in crackers in Kerala as it is responsible for the deafening sound.

The fireworks during Thrissur Pooram festival is held early morning (the next day morning (4 AM) after Pooram) at Thekkinkadu Ground in front of Vadukanantha Temple in Thrissur. Two temples – Thiruvambady and Paramekkavu – compete against each other in making the display of fireworks grandeur and more colorful.

The Hindu Reports

Pooram authorities have been asked to ensure that 50 per cent of fireworks to be used should be colour emitting rather than ones producing very loud noise, Controller of Explosives, R Venugopal, told PTI.

These noise level producing fireworks will be very less this year in Kerala compared to 2008, he said.

T Shashidharan, supervising manufacture of crackers of Thiruvambady Devaswom, says the fireworks would be more colourful with reduced sound this time. Importance is being given to make the display more spectacular and colourful, he told PTI and added that different varieties of fireworks, some never tried out before, would be used during the diplay.

Mr. Venugopal said fireworks display holders and volunteers had been instructed to adorn separate uniforms for the security and disaster management plan, which will be in operation. "All government agencies are working together to make the fireworks display safe and secure," he said.


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