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Sri Ramakrishna on Pilgrimages

Pilgrimages, without love and devotion to God, carry no reward. With devotion within your heart, it is not absolutely necessary that you must visit holy places….

As cows after eating their fill of fodder lie quietly down at a place and chew the cud, so after visiting a holy spot or a place of pilgrimage, you must take hold of the holy thoughts that rise in the mind there, sit down in a solitary spot and think of them till you become immersed in them. You must not let them slip off from your mind as soon as you turn away from those places, and attach yourselves to sense-pursuits. In that case the divine thoughts bring no lasting effect on the mind.

Sri Ramakrishna
(Source: Excerpts from Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna, Advaita Ashrama, Kolkata, 1990, pp. 239-240.)