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Parashurama Jayanti – Parasuram Jayanthi

Parashurama, or Parashuram, is the sixth incarnation of Bhagvan Srihari Vishnu. In 2018, the date of Parashurama Jayanti is April 18. In some calendars, it is marked on April 17. The aim of the Parasurama Avtar was to annihilate those Kshattriyas (the warrior class) that had strayed from the path of Dharma and oppressed people and destroyed Mother Nature. Parashurama Jayanti is celebrated on the day when Srihari Vishnu is believed to have arrived on earth as Parashurama – the axe wielding Rama. The day is also observed as the Akshaya Tritiya day.

It is believed that Parashurama was born as the son of Sage Jamadagni and Renuka on the third day during the waxing phase of moon in Vaisakha month (April – May). Exploits of Parashuram are mentioned in Mahabharat, Ramayana and the Puranas. It is said that this avatar of Vishnu killed 21 generations of Kshattriyas.

Symbolically, Parashuram represents that stage in human evolution when human beings were forest dwellers.

Parashuram is credited with installing numerous temples in South India, especially in Kerala. There is also a popular legend that the state of Kerala was formed when Parashuram threw his axe.