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Anandamayi Ma Teachings

Questioner: How is the idea of a benevolent God compatible with ruin and destruction in the history of peoples and lives of families and individuals?

Anandamayi Ma: Do you believe that God is the creator of this world and therefore its Lord?

Questioner agrees.

Anandamayi Ma: Very well, If God is the Lord of the world, He can do with it as he pleases. Suppose you have grown beautiful flowers in your garden, but decide to plant fruit trees in their place, won't you have to remove the flowers? If you have a fine house, but wish to build a larger and better one on the same plot, you demolish the old one. The freedom that is yours in small things, God exercises in great ones.

In both is He, in destruction as well as in construction. The history of nations, families and individuals is the great Lila (divine sport) that He stages with Himself.

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