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Akshaya Tritiya in Tamil Culture

Akshaya Tritiya in Tamil culture is observed on the third day after Amavasai in Chithirai Month. It is believed Dhanalakshmi will visit the house on the day. It is believed that which is bought and received will increase by manifold by the blessings of Dhanalakshmi. In South India, Akshaya Tritiya is also observed as the birth anniversary of Lord Balarama. In 2018, the date of Akshaya Trithiya is April 18 .

As per Tamil culture, the gold that is bought on Akshaya Tritiya is kept in puja room and pujas are performed. People wear the particular jewellery bought on Akshaya Tritiya for the entire year. Symbolically it represents the presence of Dhanalakshmi at the house.

People also buy or order for new vehicles, invest in property, real estate, house and also purchase clothes, household articles and utensils.