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Sayings of Sant Tukaram

He, who has truly renounced the world, could have a peaceful sleep in the crematorium. He, who is blessed by Panduranga, treats trees, bushes, living creatures and everything else equally. Tukaram Maharaj says, O Panduranga when by your grace we will attain this status?

Earn money through an honest business. Spend money for noble cause by maintaining equanimity of mind. Work for others' welfare. Dont say harsh words for others. Consider others' ladies like your mother and sisters. Show kindness to all beings. Rear cows and other cattle. Make possible arrangements for drinking water at remote places for quenching the thirst of people. Don’t harm others. He, who abides by the above teaching, spreads good name of his parents all around. The virtue of renunciation that is required for realizing Panduranga is also acquired through such actions.

Sant Tukaram