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Rang Panchami – Rangpanchami

Ranga Panchami, or Rangpanchami, is colorfully celebrated on the fifth day after full moon in the month of Phalguna or Falgun. In 2018, the date of Rang Panchami is March 6. People play with colors on Rang Panchami day and it is observed five days after the popular Holi festival. Rangpanchami is more popular in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and in some parts of North India.

Rang means color and Panchami means the fifth day during a lunar fortnight.

The festival of Rangpanchami is also associated with Holi festival but is not very popular as it is more of a traditional festival and is limited to Maharashtra. Some people confuse Rang Panchami with the Holi festival that is celebrated with colors the day after the lighting of fires on the Phalgun Purnima day.

The Rangpanchami festival is more closely associated with rural Marathi culture.