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Story: Sage Narada Teaches Durvasa that Bookish Knowledge is not enough

Once Sage Narada was with Lord Shiva on Mount Kailasa. They were soon joined by several sages. Suddenly Sage Durvasa – a quick tempered Sanyasin – appeared with numerous scriptures. He ignored all those present there and went and sat beside Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva asked sage Durvasa: ‘Oh holy sage, how are your studies progressing?’ The saint proudly displayed his scriptures and said ‘I have thoroughly studied these books and I know them by heart.’

Suddenly Narada stood up and called Durvasa a donkey carrying a burden of books on his back.

Sage Durvasa stood up furiously and started reprimanding Narada and decided to curse him.

Narada retorted, ‘See! In spite of you reading the scriptures, you have not been able to get over your passions. When you entered this place, you ignored the wise sages present here. What good is scholarship without respect, patience and forgiveness? These books are nothing but the burden of a donkey.’

Soon Durvasa realized his folly and understood Narada’s intention. He immersed his scriptures in the sea and went to seek atonement and self-realization.