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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Thoughts on Science and Spirituality

Science and spirituality are like two ways of looking at the creation.

Science regards life as matter and spirituality regards matter as life. Spirituality elevates matter to the level of life, level of divinity and adds a sense of honor.

While science brings us material and physical comfort, spirituality gives comfort to our souls.

Science cultivates logic and spirituality develops intuition, another faculty of enquiry.

Ancient rishis recognized this interplay between science and spirituality and said true fulfillment in life can come only through gyana (spirituality) and vigyana (science).

There is a saying in the Upanishads that reads ‘padarth, gyanaat, moksha’. It means that if one understands even one particle in the creation thoroughly, he or she will be liberated. One doesn’t even need to believe in God’s existence. Ancient rishis knew that the entire creation is reflected in each particle as consciousness.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

(Source: An Article Written By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in The Financial Express)