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Ramesh Balsekar Sayings

The meaning of life is that life has no meaning other than the living of it as a dream over which one has really no control.

To consider that the world has no meaning or purpose is merely to say that the world is not centered on humanity. Without his ideals and motivations, an individual is frightened of being a nothing in the nothingness of a purposeless world. In actuality, man's ideals of "purpose" as the basis of life and nature are nothing but his own conditioned concepts.

Nature cannot be seen in terms of human thought, logic or language. What appears cruel and unjust in nature seems so only when the matter is considered from the view point of a separated and estranged individual human. But the rest of nature is totally unconcerned because the rest of nature is not human-hearted.

Ramesh Balsekar

Source: A net of Jewels by Ramesh Balsekar