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Quotes from Vairagya Shatakam of Bhartrhari

The Sun rises and sets. Day passes into night and night into day. But what is really happening is they are taking away our lives. But we are not even aware of the passage of time. Such is our deep involvement in the weight of our businesses. We do not get a jolt of fear even after watching, almost daily, the inescapable sequence of birth, old age, adversity, misfortune, disaster, failure and final death. We are just over drunk with the delusion of attachment which is our own making.

It is therefore necessary to work for the spiritual elevation well before the body gets weak and unhealthy, well before old age overtakes us, well before the limbs lose their power, well before one’s life is exhausted.

To wait and postpone spiritual activity until old age is like starting to dig a well for water when the house has already begun to burn.

Vairagya Shatakam of Bhartrhari