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Opt for an Ecofriendly and Green Holi Festival Celebrations

Holi is a celebration of the myriads of hues that the Mature Nature gifts during the spring season. Everything about Holi festival is rooted in Nature. The colors with which Lord Krishna and Radha and the Gopas and Gopis played Holi were made from flowers, roots, fruits, vegetables and trees. But the followers that great culture knowingly or unknowingly use chemical colors to play Holi, the festival of colors. These chemical colors are pollutants and cause damage to skin and eyes.

Chemical colors are cheap and easily available and is considered a blessing by a generation that has no time and patience.

When crass commercialization of Hindu festivals is the order of the day, a few individuals and social organizations are trying to promote natural colors made out of flowers, fruits and vegetables. They are trying to turn Holi festival eco-friendly with natural and herbal colors.

One such organization is the eCoexist, a social enterprise registered, in Pune, India, which sells natural Holi colors.

The Social Forestry Department (SFD), Nagpur, ad the Social Forestry Directorate of the Government of Maharashtra will be spreading the message of Ecofriendly and Green Holi Festival through its 8884 eco-clubs and they will also be selling natural Holi colors on a no profit-no-loss basis.

In your cities too there will be individuals and organizations that will be spreading the message an Ecofriendly and Green Holi Festival Celebrations. Make an effort to find them and play an eco-friendly Holi with your family, children, friends and relatives.

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