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Words of Wisdom – Swami Ramsukhdasji

If you want peace, root out your pride because it is the root of all the demoniac traits. All the other demoniac traits of Kali Yuga such as anger, greed, infatuation, jealousy, fraud and hypocrisy etc., depend on pride, because pride is their originator.

Feeling of mine-ness with Bhagavan is the easiest and best of all spiritual practices.

The man’s desire for God realization never perishes, though he may not accept and know it. He has a desire from this heart to be completely happy, free from all bondages and distresses. This is the desire for God realization. This desire is certainly satisfied, because this is the real and true desire of a creature.

Man is not made a slave by things rather its desire makes him a slave.

Swami Ramsukhdas