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Swami Chidananda Thoughts on Sadhana

The great Rishis, in their compassion, have prescribed a very easy Sadhana for us: we can easily realize God by doing a little bit of Japa and engaging ourselves in the ceaseless service.

The great man who does Puja in the Mandir, the great Sevak who serves Swamiji personally in his Kutir, the great Yogi who meditates on the Ganges bank for four hours a day and the great worker who operates the printing machine or composes or binds the books-all of them are engaged in doing the same meritorious Sadhana that will yield the highest fruit of Self-realization.

The foremost thing is Bhava. If your Bhava is that you are doing every work for the purpose of attaining God then your work will be transformed into Sadhana. It may be that for the purpose of earning your livelihood you have taken up a job. But if you have this sublime Bhava, you will not only get your salary, but you will eventually attain Moksha, too!

Swami Chidananda