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Challenge Christian Conversion Methods in India with Non-Violence and Self Introspection

Violence is not the answer to any problem. Violence only breeds hatred, resentment and more violence and the vicious cycle continues. The conversion method adopted by Christians in India was condemned by Hindus in private and many Hindus showed a callous attitude towards the Christian conversion issue. But dramatic developments around the world in the past three decades saw secular Hindus becoming insecure and threatened and this was cleverly exploited by fundamentalists. A very minority section in Hindu society started adopting tit for tat method and the majority of secular Hindus kept silent.Christian aggression in the form of conversion was met with violence by Hindus. Churches were attacked or burned, poor people were killed and thousands were rendered homeless. What did Hindu society gain from this meaningless violence? Nothing! In a democratic society there are several non-violent methods to show protest. Printed literatures and methods employed by Christian missionaries for con…

Aditya Purana Quotes

Shiva says to Skanda: Jnana (knowledge) is never the attribute of Atma (Self). Atma itself is of the nature of Jnana, which is all pervasive, eternal and auspicious. I am the self of all beings. The supreme ruler is one only. All the objects are fictitiously imposed on me. All the world is only Consciousness. Ignorant people see it as world. Wise people see the world as the mere Self. This truth, incomprehensible for the ordinary, was taught by Vashishta to Rama in bygone times. Aditya Purana – Chapter 15(Source: Journey to the Sublime – compiled and edited by K. N. Subramanian)