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Sanskrit Voice Digest – a Compilation of Blog Posts by Sanskrit Bloggers

Sanskrit Voice Digest is an initiative by the website Sanskrit Voice and the main aim is to compile Sanskrit related blogs and articles under one roof. Sanskrit Voice Digest has partnered with nearly 10 Sanskrit bloggers and few organizations for the purpose.All Sanskrit bloggers can join the Sanskrit Voice Digest provided the articles are approved. This is how the Sanskrit Voice Digest works. The Sanskrit Digest will publish a few starting lines of the selected blog posts and to read the full article the readers will be redirected to the parent article. You can find more details about Sanskrit Voice Digest here.You May Also Like To ReadTop Sanskrit Blogs

Ahmedabad Rath Yatra in Gujarat

Talk about Ratha Yatra (Hindu car or chairot festival) and the first image that comes to mind is the famous Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra. In 2018, Ahmedabad Ratha Yatra is on July 14. The State of Gujarat in India also conducts Rath Yatra similar to the one held in Puri and the most famous is the Ahmedabad Rath Yatra. In Gujarat, Rath Yatra is also held at towns and cities like Bhavnagar, Vadodara, Gandhinagar, Surat and Porbandar. 
The Puri Rath Yatra and the Ratha Yatras in Gujarat take place on the same day. Three chariots with the idols of Lord Jagannath (Krishna), Balarama (Balabhadra) and Subhadra are pulled by the devotees through the city. Thousands of devotees throng the streets on the day to have a ‘darshan’ of the deities. The Ahmedabad Rath Yatra has been taking place for more than 130 years. It starts from the Jagannath temple in Jamalpur locality in Ahmedabad city and passes through a 14 kilometer route. One of the main attractions during Ahmedabad Rath Yatra is the process…

Moth – the eleventh Guru of Dattatreya

Drawn by light, moth flies from its dwelling to sacrifice itself in the flame. It taught me that once I see the dawn, I must overcome my fear, soar at full speed, and plunge into the flame of knowledge to be consumed and transformed.
Another Interpretation I often observed that the moth is tempted by fire to jump in it and get burnt down. So too, the unthinking man is enticed by the illusory pleasures of the senses and thus gets caught in the ceaseless cycles of birth and death. On the other hand, the wise one, when he catches even a glimpse of the fire of wisdom, leaves everything aside, leaps in it and burns down the illusion of being a limited self.
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