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About a Popular Hindu Temple in a Spare Bedroom in Essex in England

Hindus carry their faith and the idols of gods to any place they go. They will find a small neat corner for the idol in the home and from here the Hindu directly communes with god and shares burden, joys and sadness. Such a place set up 29 years ago by Dhirajlal and Sushila Karia in a spare bedroom in Essex in England is today a popular HinduTemple and hundreds of people daily visit to pray and get blessings. Paul Harris writes in Mail Online about the HinduTemple in the spare bedroomsome excerpts from the articleThe couple created the temple as none was available locally when they moved in the Seventies from North London.The original plan was that the couple, their son, daughter, family and friends would worship there. Three decades later, and thanks to word of mouth and reports in some newspapers, Britain's most unlikely temple has been visited by Hindus from as far away as Canada and Nepal, and by tourists from other religions. In the room, 17 gods and goddesses of the religio…

Vat Savitri Vrat

Vat Savitri Vrat is an important fast (Vrat) observed by married women in certain parts of North India. The fasting is based on Savitri Satyavan legend in the Mahabharata. The Vrat is observed either during Amavasi (New moon) in the Hindu month of Jyestha or during Purnima (Full moon) in the month of Jyeshtha. In 2018, the date of Vat Savitri Vrat Amavasi is on May 15 and Vat Savitri Poornima is on June 27.
Vat Savitri Vrat fasting is for three days. It begins on the Trayodashi day and ends on Amavasi or Purnima – the fast is for three nights and ends on the fourth day. Prayers and pujas are dedicated to Vat Vriksha (Banyan Tree) and Savitri.
Most people now fast only on the main ritual day that is on the Poornima day.

Popularly, Vat Savitiri is observed during Jyeshtha Purnima in Gujarat, Maharashtra and South India. But there are also several communities that observe it during amavasi especially in North India.
In Orissa, it is observed during Amavasya and is known as Savitri Br…

Atharva Veda Quotes on Nature

Earth, upon which this moving, breathing life exists;
May she bestow on us the finest of her harvests!
Earth, the all-sustaining, treasure-bearing, resting-place;
Golden-breasted Earth, home of all life,
Who bears the sacred fire.
Pleasant be thy hills, O Earth,
Thy snow-clad mountains and thy forests.
On this Earth do I stand,
Unvanquished, unslain, unhurt.
Set me, O Earth, amidst the nourishing strength
That emanates from thy body.
The Earth is my mother, her child am I;
Infinite space is my father,
May he fill us with plenty.
Peaceful, sweet-smelling, gracious Earth.
Whatever I dig from thee, O Earth,
May that have quick growth again,
May we not injure your vitals or your heart.
Full of sweetness are the plants,
And full of sweetness these my words.
And with things that are full of sweetness,
I prosper in a thousand ways.Atharva Veda Book XII