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Arya Samaj Internet Radio

Arya Samaj Internet Radio is broadcast by Maharishi Dayananda Gurukula, 150th StreetJamaica, NY. The Arya Samaj online radio broadcasts lectures, bhajans, announcements and other event related to the Arya Samaj including live broadcast of Vedic Satsang. Broadcasting is in English and Hindi. Devotional Hindi songs are the highlight of the broadcast. The mission of Arya Samaj Internt Radio is to spread the knowledge of the Vedas, promote the work of Rishi Dayananda, and spread the Mission of the Arya Samaj by lessening human suffering and educating human minds.Currently, the Arya Samaj Internet Radio is hosted at a temporary page of Arya Samaj Today website. The radio opens in an external application like windows media player. You can access the radio from here – Arya Samaj Radio. The radio might shift to its website

Robots to Play Dahi Handi of Lord Krishna in Robocon 2008

Dahi Handi is a major event during the Sri Krishna Jayanti festival. Such is its popularity that the festival itself is at times referred as Dahi Handi festival. In the Asia Pacific Robot Contest, Robocon 2008, this popular game of Krishna and Gopas will be played by robots. A few robots will also attempt to steal earthen pots with ‘dahi’ (yoghurt) from Gopis (young girls). The theme of Robocon 2008 is based one of the most popular childhood pranks of Lord Krishna. Shri Krishna and his friends (Gopas) used to steal milk, yoghurt, butter and cheese from kitchens in Vrindavan. The pots with butter and yoghurt are usually suspended from high poles to avoid children and domestic animals from reaching it and breaking the pot.But the cunning Krishna and his friends used to form human pyramid and steal the contents of the pots. They also used to break the pots with ‘dahi’ carried by girls (Gopis) in the village.Each year during the birthday of Sri Krishna, Dahi Handi competitions are held t…