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Animation Film Ghatotkach

Ghatothkach, or Ghatotkacha, is the son of Bhima and Hidimbi in Mahabharata. Hidimbi, a demon (Rakshasi or Asura), is noted for her magical powers. And her son Ghatothkach inherited all the magical powers of his mother and the strength of his father Bhima, the second among the Pandavas. The cartoon film titled Ghatothkach – master of magic, narrates the tale of a five-year-old Ghatotkach. In the film, Ghatothkach, lovingly called ‘Ghattu’ is the prince of the forest and is blessed with extra-ordinary powers. He has loads of fun with his magical powers, but also uses them to protect everyone around him.As a five year old, he rescues ‘Gajju’ – ababy elephant which leads to a lifelong friendship.The film is the journey of a prince and his elephant friend – full of magic. When challenged by evil forces that are out to destroy him and to stop him from fulfilling his destiny, Ghattu and Gajju form an invincible team to fight them. (Story synopsis and image as found on the official website …

Hindu Farewell Sermon to Graduating Class at University of Nevada-Reno

Hindu Baccalaureate Service - A farewell sermon to a graduating class at their commencement ceremonies – will be held at University of Nevada-Reno (UNR) on May 11, 2008. Known as Dikshant Utsav in Hinduism, the ceremony is the first of its kind in the University of Nevada. The function is being organized by Indian Student Organization of UNR and Rajan Zed, Indo-American leader noted for the reading of Hindu scriptures in Senate. News Blaze ReportsSwami Vedananda, well-known Hindu monk from California, will be the keynote speaker at this First Annual Hindu Baccalaureate Service (Dikshant Utsav) of UNR. He plans to bless the upcoming graduates with wisdom from Vedas, Upanishads, and Bhagavad-Gita-all ancient Hindu scriptures, and applying tilak (religious mark) over their foreheads.Starting with Gayatri Mantra by Zed and followed by Gita recitation by Subhashree Misra of Nevada Desert Research Institute, it will also include prayers/blessings by Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, and …

Words of Wisdom – Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Today, because of the communication between machines, even people in far off places seem very close. Nevertheless, as the communication between hearts is absent, even those who are physically very near to us are really very far. The beauty of society lies in the communication between hearts.Rowing a boat against the current is difficult, but if there is a sail it becomes easy. Love for God is like a sail that helps the boat go forward.Devotion, like tincture used for cleaning a wound, purifies the mind.Our knowledge of wisdom is limited to words; to bring it into our experience is possible only though devotion.If you cannot find free time to spare for acts of worship, try to be like the Gopis (in Krishna’s Vrindavan). They were continuously thinking of God while immersed in their work.Mata Amritanandamayi Devi