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Is the Gopura of Murudeshwar Temple in Karnataka the tallest Hindu Temple Gopuram in the World?

The famous MurudeshwarTemple in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka now possesses at 249-feet Raja Gopura. The Murudeswar temple complex is renowned for the tallest idol of Lord Shiva in the world, which is 123 feet. The latest addition to the temple is the Rajagopuram, which was opened on April 12, 2008. And is it the tallest the tallest Hindu Temple Gopuram in the World? Newspaper reports indicate that the Rajagopura of Murudeshwar Temple is the tallest in Asia. Earlier it was the 236-feet Rajagopuram of the Sri Ranganatha temple at Srirangam. But strangely several websites and newspapers are claiming it only to be the tallest in Asia. For more comparison, Qutub Minar another tallest structure in the world is 237.8 ft.If Gopuram can be considered as a unique ornate structure associated with Hindu Temples, then the Gopura of Murudeshwar Temple in Karnataka should be the tallest in the world. This is when considering that some of the largest Hindu temples in the world are in Asia, …

Akshaya Tritiya 2008

Akshaya Trithiya, or Tritiya, falls on the third day after new moon in the Hindu month of Vaishakha. The word Akshaya means ‘that which never diminishes’ and the day is ideal for beginning new ventures as it is believed that all investments on this day appreciates. In 2008, the date of Akshaya Trithiya is May 7. In some regional calendars, the day is also marked on May 8. ((May 8 is for those regions where Amavasi ended on May 6)Thanks to the high voltage advertisement campaign conducted by jewellery shops, for many Akshaya Trithiya is the apt day to buy gold. In fact, many people associate the day with gold purchase.The legend or story associated with Akshaya Trithiya is that of Sudama or Kuchela visiting Krishna in Dwarka with a handful of beaten rice (poha or aval). It is also believed that the Pandavas received the Akshaya Pathram (bowl) from Lord Krishna (in the Mahabharata) on this day. Parashuram Jayanti also falls on the Trittiya day. It is believed that Vyasa began the compos…

Important Hindu Festivals and Auspicious Days in May 2008

Dates of important festivals associated with Hinduism in 2008 May. Based on major Hindu calendars.1st May 2008 – Ekadasi – Varuthini Ekadashi (In many calendars Ekadasi is also marked on May 2)5th May – Amavasi6th May – Hindi Month Vaisakha begins7th May – Akshaya Trithiya7th May – Parashuram Jayanti9th May – Shankracharya Jayanti, Ramanuja Jayanti10th May – Shasti Fasting14th May – Tamil Month Vaigasi begins15th May – Malayalam Month Edavam begins15th May 2008 – Ekadasi – Mohini Ekadashi15th May – Bengali Month Jaishtho begins18th May – Narasimha Jayanti19th May – Kurma Jayanti19th May – Tamil Vaikasi Visagam -Birthday of Muruga
19th May – Purnima (In some calendars May 20)23rd May – Chaturthi or Shaturthi
31st May 2008 – Ekadasi – Apara Ekadashi

Ananda Mayee Ma Quotes

With earnestness, love and goodwill carry out life’s everyday duties and try to elevate yourself step by step. In all human activities let there be a live contact with the Divine and you will not have to leave off anything. Your work will then be done well and you will be on the right track to find the Master.
Just as a mother nourishes her child with all possible care and affection and makes him grow up into a healthy boy and a handsome youth, so you will find the subtle touches of the Divine Mother shaping your inner life and making you reach your full height and stature.
Whatever work you have to do, do it with a singleness of purpose, with all the simplicity, contentment and joy you are capable of. Thus only will you be able to reap the best fruit of work. In fullness of time, the dry leaves of life will naturally drop off and new ones shoot forth.
Ananda Mayee Ma

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