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Rongali or Bohag Bihu: Assam New Year

Rongali Bihu, also known as Bohag Bihu, is the Hindu New Year in Assam. In 2018, Bohag Bihu date is April 15. It is celebrated for three days in April and begins on the last day of the Assamese month ‘Chait.’ The New Year falls on the first day of Bohag month. The first day of the New Year celebrations which falls on the last day of Assamese month ‘Chait’ is known as ‘Goru Bihu’ (the festival of cow). The next day is known as ‘Manuh bihu’ (the festival for the people), the Assamese New Year – Rongali Bihu. The third day of Bihu is known as ‘Gosain bihu (God’s bihu). One gets to see a rejuvenated Mother Nature during Rongali Bihu. The festival is directly related to the changes taking place in nature. Mother Nature replaces her old garb and everything is fresh. Everything is positive and this rekindles the hope of the farming the community.
On the Goru Bihu day, cows which are vital to the agrarian economy and rural life of Assam are given a ritualistic cleansing. Livestock are rubbed…