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Thoughts on Hinduism - Klaus Klostermaier

Much of what we find in Hinduism has no counterpart in the west. Hindu thinkers have anticipated ideas and developed theories in many areas that have only recently begun to be explored in the West. In the analysis of language, in the technicalities of hermeneutics, in the methods of psychosomatic activation, and in philosophical and religious speculation and spiritual training – in all these areas Hindu India is centuries ahead of the West.

Hinduism is what is it is today because it has developed that way through its own history. It is not necessarily what we would like or wish it to be.

Despite its openness to many influences and the considerable changes that it has undergone throughout the ages, there is a distinct character, an unbroken tradition, and a unifying principle that allows Hinduism to be faithful to itself while inviting others to share whatever treasures they may possess. In all the historic encounters between Hinduism and other religions, Hinduism has always emerged stronger and richer and has succeeded in absorbing the other elements.

(Source: A Survey of Hinduism - by Klaus Klostermaier)