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Swami Vivekananda Thoughts

There is really no difference between matter, mind, and Spirit. They are only different phases of experiencing the One. This very world is seen by the five senses as matter, by the very wicked as hell, by the good as heaven, and by the perfect as God. (Complete Works, Vol. Seventh Edition, p.272)

No religion on earth preaches the dignity of humanity in such a lofty strain as Hinduism and no religion on earth treads upon the necks of the poor and the low in such a fashion as Hinduism. (Complete works, Vol.V, p.15) - We profess the highest philosophy and we indulge in low behavior. Why? Swami Vivekananda diagnosed this as a lack of will power to carry idea into practice.

Change is always subjective. To talk of evil and misery is nonsense, because they do not exist outside. If I am immune from all anger, I never feel angry. If am immune from all hatred, I never feel hatred.

Swami Vivekananda