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Holy Bath in Pushkar Lake on Kartik Purnima

The Kartik, or Kartika month, in a traditional Hindu calendar is one of the holiest months and the most important religious and spiritual event during the month is the Kartik Snaan – taking a holy dip in sacred ponds, tirths and rivers. In 2016, the date of holy dip in Pushkar Lake (Sarovar) on Kartika Purnima is November 14. The Poornima or full moon day in Kartik month is considered auspicious for the holy bath especially at Pushkar Lake during Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan.

Pushkar Lake is one of the most important sacred lakes in India and it is believed to have been created by the falling of a lotus from the hand of Lord Brahma. It is widely believed that taking a holy dip on the auspicious Kartik Purnima will help in attaining Moksha (salvation) and wash away sins committed.

The Pushkar sarovar is noted for the fifty two bathing ghats and each is supposed to be sacred in its own right. Hindu devotees believe that a dip or having a holy bath in the waters of the Pushkar Lake on Kartika Purnima is equivalent to performing austerities and yagnas for several hundred years.

The water of Pushkar Lake is also believed to have healing powers.

Today, Pushkar is noted for the highly commercialized world famous Pushkar Camel Fair which is held during the same period of Kartika Snaan. But despite the crass commercialization of the Pushkar fair, thousands of devotees attend the annual Kartik Purnima snaan seeking Moksha.