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Simple and small actions count in alleviating poverty – Blog Action Day 2008

Today is Blog Action Day – a day when thousands of bloggers commit to blog (write) on a topic to create awareness around an issue. This year’s issue is Poverty.

Internet is full of articles dealing with poverty. There is a lot of talk on poverty. Big promises are made by politicians. People have been fighting poverty for years. Organizations are created to fight poverty and many new organizations are in the making. They all give a big picture of poverty around the world…. we read…watch…debate…sympathize and move on.

Forget the big picture of poverty. It is like trying to move a mountain. But an individual can make a change in his neighborhood. Simple and small actions of an individual count more in the fight against poverty. An individual’s action like:

  • Sharing
  • Giving a helping hand
  • Making an individual realize his/her value
  • To help an individual to be economically independent
  • To help an individual to think freely

Donating money is seen as an easy method to fight poverty by many people. But sadly it only makes a person dependent. A person living on donations becomes both mentally and economically dependent and soon such a person makes it a habit. What is needed is to make each individual economically independent.

This can happen only when an already economically independent person decides to help a less fortunate person to become economically independent. This new economically independent person can help another less fortunate person…

This can be chain…a chain which will end when the last less poor person becomes economically independent.

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