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Concept of Evil in Vedanta

Vedanta holds that evil cannot exist outside God, because God is the material cause of the universe. The example is of the spider weaving its web from its saliva. The spider, the cause, is not different from its web, the effect; just as Brahman is not different from the universe.

Vedanta discards a separate existence for evil and considers evil to be only a relative viewpoint. For example, poison is generally considered to be bad; but it is also good in a certain context: many life – saving drugs are poisons. Likewise, vitamins may be good, even lifesaving; but consumed in excess they can be fatal.

Therefore, good and evil are only relative. All is an appearance, including evil. And the enormous positive energy generated in you can make you go beyond evil and see the truth as Advaita, as the one non-dual reality.

Vedanta says that God is energy and intelligence, and that the world, which is matter, is nothing but a part of God.

(Source: Excerpts from an article written in Times of India by Sri Sri Ravishankar)