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Nine Colours of Navratri

The concept of nine colors of Navratri is followed mainly in Gujarat and by some communities in Maharashtra. In 2016, Navratri begins on October 1. The nine colours symbolically represent the nine forms of Goddess Durga that is worshipped during Navaratri. Traditionally the colors change from year to year and also the form of the Goddess worshipped and name varies from region to region. Women, girls and children wear the particular color of dress (like Saris (Saree), churidhar) on each day of Navaratri.

Update - Navratri Colors 2015 (you can find in this link)

Please Note: The order of dress color for each day changes every year.

The nine Navratri colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Sky Blue, Pink, Grey, Green, purple and Royal blue. (Also Parrot green, white, peacock green etc are found in some years)
Navaratri Colours
  • Parrot Green – Goddess worshipped is Amba.
  • Orange – Goddess Tara in some regions, Chamunda in other places.
  • Yellow – Goddess Shorashi or Ashtamukhi
  • Sky Blue – Goddess Bhuvneshwari
  • Pink – Goddess Chinnamasta or Upang Lalita
  • Grey – Goddess Bhairavi or Maha Kali
  • Green – Goddess Dhoomavati or Jagdamba
  • Ink Blue – Goddess Bagala or Narayani
  • Royal Blue – Goddess Matangi or Renuka
  • Red – Goddess worshipped is Kamala or Durga (Vijaya Dasami Day)
  • Several other colors like white, deep green, deep orange, peacock green etc are found in some years. Any of the above said colors are replaced then.
Amba, Tara, Shorashi, Bhuvneshwari, Chinnamasta, Bhairavi, Dhoomavati, Bagala and Matangi are forms of Durga worshipped in Gujarat during the nine day of Navratri.

Amba, Chamunda, Ashtamukhi, Bhuvaneshwari, Upang Lalita, Maha Kali, Jagdamba, Narayani and Renuka are forms of Durga worshipped in Maharashtra and neighboring regions.

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