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Krishna Avanti Primary School to open in September 2008 – First state-funded Hindu Faith School in Britain

Krishna Avanti Primary School located on Camrose Avenue, Edgware HA8 6ES in Harrow, north London is UK's first Hindu faith-based Voluntary Aided state school. The school will open on September 15, 2008 and is working in affiliation with ISKCON (the International Society for Krishna Consciousness) as the official faith advisor. The school is promoted by i-foundation.

Telegraph UK reports that there are 4,621 Anglican schools in England, 2,027 Roman Catholic schools and 26 Methodist schools. A further 38 are classed as Jewish, nine are Muslim and three Sikh. Krishna Avanti Primary School will be the first Hindu faith school in Britain.

Here is what the Head Teacher of Krishna Avanti Primary School has to say about the school:

At Krishna Avanti Primary School, the Governors and staff aim to provide a world class learning environment where all pupils are valued and encouraged to realize they have unlimited potential spiritually, emotionally and academically.

This is a school where we will hold to high esteem that Every Child and Adult Matters and where we foster positive and lasting partnerships within the school, with parents, the local community, the school’s faith partner and local schools in Harrow.

We aim to create an effective, calm and happy learning environment where the vision and mission statements are ‘lived’ by combining the wisdom of Vedic teachings and exemplary professional practice.

We recognize and take our duty seriously, in ensuring that we promote community cohesion, inclusion and value intercultural and religious diversity.

Our school recognizes the importance of innovation and responding to government priorities to ensure our pupils are equipped with life long skills and attitudes essential to enable them to make not just positive but outstanding contributions to all aspects of contemporary British society.

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