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Interiors of Ananda Nilayam of Tirupati Temple to be Gold Plated – O Balaji when will realization happen

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Trust (TTDs) is planning to gold plate the interiors of Ananda Nilayam, the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Venkateswara. The aim is to convert Tirupati Temple Balaji Temple into a Golden Temple. The interiors – including the walls and ceiling – of Ananda Nilayam will be gold plated after consulting Agama Pandits and archeologists. The exteriors of Ananda Nilayam are already gold plated.

Many people want to please Lord Venkateswara with the yellow metal or other costly items when the Lord was pleased with the sweat-drenched beaten rice (Poha or Aval) of Kuchela, which even contained mud. HE was satisfied with the remnants of food that Draupadi gave. HE was satisfied with the gruel that Vidura gave in his humble abode. He exists everywhere even in gold and dirt. For thousands of years Santana Dharma has been trying to teach this immortal truth but sadly very few realize it.

Nearly 100 tonnes of pure gold will be needed for the purpose of gold plating and it is estimated to cost Rupees1000 crore. The money is expected to be raised from devotees of Lord Balaji. (Times of India)

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Trust (TTDs) is involved in numerous social activities and they are also spending millions of rupees towards this. But still there are millions of Hindu brothers and sisters who are struggling to survive even in Tirupati and Andhra Pradesh

Therefore what is needed at this juncture is not gold plating the interiors of Ananda Nialayam but investing the billions of rupees in the economic development of poor Hindus - free schools, hospitals and an economic source to the poor.