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Bhagavan Nityananda on the OM Symbol

The Omkar vibrates like a storm in the sky. It has neither beginning nor end. It is the stage manager of the divine drama.

The body of man is a string of Om, it is filled with Om. All that is, inside us, outside us, everywhere, is born of Om. It is present in everything.

The Shakti that is the Omkar is not finite, It is infinite and indivisible. It exists in all creatures.

Pranava is Om. When Om unites with prana and moves in the body, this is Pranava. When nature and the subtle are separate, it is Pranava; when both are felt to be one, there is the Oneness - Om.

Om is seen everywhere. The Shakti that is Om fills and penetrates the universe, It is formless, It is the light in all directions.

Bhagavan Nityananda