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Use Nature Friendly Cloth, Garlands and Shawls to Decorate Ganesha during Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

We spend hours decorating Lord Ganesha and his temporary temple with thermocole and plastic during Ganesh Chaturthi festival. But after the festival these non biodegradable wastes are thrown in a water body, sea or river along with Ganesh idol. This plastic and thermocol waste cause environmental problems and pose health hazards. The valuable hours you spend in decorating Lord Ganesh can also be done with ecofriendly clothes, garlands and shawls.

All traditional Hindu festivals are deeply rooted in nature. Traditionally only natural products are used in Hindu rituals. Why? Hinduism is rooted in Nature and the best example to this is Lord Ganesha.

Plastic, Plaster of Paris, thermocole and other cosmetic items might be attractive to the eyes and may be less expensive and easy to use and easily available. But they are not traditional puja items and their use reflects cosmetic spirituality.

eCoexist, a Pune based NGO, is setting an example by introducing disposable temples, garlands and shawls made from ecofriendly products especially for Ganesh Chaturthi.

All these decoratives is made using left over fabrics and provide an eco-sensitive livelihood to women living in the slums of Pune. Even the garlands are made using clothes.
eCoexist is selling them as a kit which includes one temple with either one shawl or one garland.

If you are not interested in buying, you can make use of the ideas used by eCoexist and create your own Ganesha temples from clothes and other natural materials.

Please Avoid

  • Plastic Flowers and garlands
  • Thermocol
  • Plastic decorations
  • Aluminium foil plates and decorations.
  • Plastic cups and plates.
  • Plastic decorative items like coconut, kalash, modak etc
Even if you are using plastic items for puja, please do not throw them into river and lakes.

Use only natural materials in puja. Real tradition is using natural materials for puja.

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