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School Children in Maharashtra make 20,000 Eco-friendly Ganesh Idols

With the help of National Green Corps (NGC) in Maharashtra, school children from 800 schools across the state have made 20,000 eco-friendly Ganesh idols using soluble clay and vegetable dyes rather than Plaster of Paris and chemical paint, which are polluters. National Green Corps (NGC) which is under the Directorate of Social Forestry is constantly conducting workshops prior to popular Hindu festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Vat Poornima, Shravan, and Nagpanchami to spread the awareness for the need for nature friendly celebrations.

National Green Corps (NGC) in Maharashtra has more than 400,000 school children as its members and they have been spreading the message of eco-friendly celebrations in villages and towns in the state. reports about this wonderful movement in Maharashtra

“.. students who are part of the NGC will continue to implement the Ganesh festival awareness campaign in every village, advising people to make idols with materials that are easily soluble and do not harm nature, immerse the idols in bucketful of water and use the same to water plants, make compost out of the flowers and leaves used to worship the idols, and avoid causing noise pollution…” The directorate had organized three training programs for master trainers to conduct its workshops.

A similar workshop is currently underway at Sadhana School, Hadapsar where 25 students are working on their own Ganesh idols. “Our trainers gave us the instruments to carve out the idols from clay and once we had made the rough structure, the next step was to color it. Coloring is fun,” said Ranjit Kale, a class VII student from the school who has opted to work on the project even though his exams are going on. Class XII student Priyanka Kad recommends the use of vegetable colors and is enthusiastic about the prospect of celebrating the festival by worshipping an idol she has made from scratch.