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Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti

Tulsidas Jayanti celebrates the birthday of Goswami Tulsidas who is the author of the Ramcharitmanas. In 2017, the date of Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti is July 30. The original Valmiki Ramayana in Sanskrit was only understood by scholars and it was Tulisdas’s Ram-charit-manas in Hindi that popularized the epic in Hindi heartland in India. Ramcharitmanas was written by Tulsidas in Awadhi, a dialect of Hindi.

Tulsidas Jayanti is observed seven days after Shravan Amavasi. The life of Tulsidas is noted for numerous miracles, which includes his meeting with Lord Hanuman and the subsequent darshan of Lord Ram with the help of Hanuman. It is widely believed that Lord Hanuman helped Tulsidas in composing the Ramcharitmanas. There are also people who believe that he is an incarnation of Sage Valmiki.

Today, Ramayan of Tulsidas is read daily and worshipped with great reverence by Hindus in North India. Ramcharitmanas is not a literal translation of Valimiki Ramayana. Keeping the main incidents in the life of Lord Ram intact, Tulsidas has made vital changes and there is an emphasis on bhakti in Tulsi Ramayana.

Millions of Hindus identified Lord Ram in Ramcharitmanas with the Supreme Being. Tulsidas gave a popular form to Brahman, the core concept of Sanatana Dharma. Common man found a savior in Lord Ram.

‘The Supreme Self who is the embodiment of joy and ocean of Bliss, from which a small droplet fills the three worlds with happiness, He is ‘Rama’, the very home of bliss and the comforter of all the three worlds.’ (Tulsidas in Ramacharitamanas)

On the Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti day, Ramcharitmanas is read in temples of Lord Ram and Hanuman.