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Ganesh Patris – Different leaves offered during Ganesha Pooja

Ganesh Patris, or Patri, is the numerous types of sacred leaves that are offered during Ganesha Puja. The Patris are usually offered during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi Puja. Traditionally leaves of 108 different types of plants are offered. But today most people confine the offering to Dhurva grass and Bilva leaves. In some places, certain wild patris are worshipped instead of Ganesh idol.
In most community pujas, 21 different types of leaves are offered.
  1. Machi
  2. Brihati
  3. Bilva
  4. Durva Grass
  5. Dattura
  6. Badari
  7. Apa Marga
  8. Tulsi
  9. Choota (Mango leaves)
  10. Karaveera
  11. Vishnu Kranta
  12. Daadimi (Pomegranate)
  13. Devadaru
  14. Maruvaka
  15. Sidhuvara
  16. Jaaji
  17. Shami
  18. Aswatham
  19. Arjuna
  20. Arka
  21. Nimba (Neem)
The most commonly used leaves are that of Durva, Aghada, Tulsi, Bilva, Prajakta, Mogra and Madhumalati (popular names). It must be noted here that Tulsi is only used during Vinayaka Chaturthi.
Most of the Patris that are used in Ganesh puja have medicinal properties and today many people are growing these plants at home.

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