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Chingam Month 1 – New Year According to Malayalam Calendar

Chingam (August – September) is the first month in the Malayalam calendar used in Kerala. The first day of Chingam is the beginning of the New Year according to the Malayalam calendar and is locally referred as (Andu Pirappu). In 2017, Chingam 1 falls on August 17. The first day is welcomed by special pujas and people in large numbers visit the temples. The day is of great significance to the farmers. 

As per Malayalam calendar, Kolla Varsham 1193 (the Malayalam year) begins on August 17. The Malayalam Panchangam for the year is also released in this month.

Onam the most popular festival of Malayalis is observed in this month. The month is considered highly auspicious and numerous marriages and other ceremonies take place in the month.

Sri Krishna Jayanti and Ganesh Chaturthi are also observed in this month.

Special schemes and several new initiatives are made in the agricultural sector in this month.

It must be noted that Vishu (April 14 or 15 - the first day of Medam Month in Malayalam calendar) is also celebrated as New Year day by Malayalis and it is the zodiac New Year. The first month in a Malayalam calendar is Chingam.