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Chandra Grahan on August 16, 2008

Chandra Grahan, a partial lunar eclipse, will be taking place in India and Nepal. It will be visible in India from 0106 hrs to 0415 hrs (Indian Standard Time) on August 17, 2008 (Sunday midnight to early morning). Since it is taking during at midnight it is mentioned as taking place on August 16, 2008 in most Hindu calendars and Panchangam – a day is calculated from sunrise to next sunrise.

The Chandra Grahanam (lunar eclipse) will be visible in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Chandra Grahan will be visible in South America, United Kingdom (around 9:30pm), Europe and in some parts of United States on Saturday, August 16, 2008.

In India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Malaysia it is on August 17, 2008 (Night to early morning). It is a partial lunar eclipse in all places. In Malayasia, it is visible from (0225 hrs to 0644 hrs) on August 17.

During Chandra Grahan Hindus usually observe a fast. The fast begins about 9 hours before the beginning of Chandra Grahan. People also take a bath in cold and chant mantras dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Shiva like the Ashtakshara Mantra or Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.

In view of Chandra Grahanam, Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple has announced that the temple doors of Lord Venkateswara will be closed from 7.30 pm on August 16 to 5 am on August 17.

Raksha Bandan, Upakarma and Shravan Purnima falls on August 16 in 2008.

Since it is the second Grahan, earlier there was a Surya Grahan on August 1, in Shravan month. Astrologers are predicting bad effects for some people born on certain stars. And numerous theories are going around. It is better to keep away from such predictions.

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