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Srimad Bhagavad Purana on How to Develop True Love and Non Attachment

Religion is not for the purpose of securing a place in heaven. It is an inquiry into Truth, and its ideal is the knowledge of the realization of the Truth. This true love and non-attachment can be developed gradually by these means:

  • By inquiry into the Truth with faith and reverence.
  • By patiently bearing the opposites in life, such as pleasure and pain, success and failure.
  • By gaining the knowledge of Self through studying the scriptures.
  • By taking delight in the company of Truth.
  • By overcoming passions through knowledge and discrimination.
  • By avoiding the association of the worldly-minded.
  • By devotion to spiritual practices.
  • By rendering of services to the great souls who have realized the Truth.
  • By learning to love solitude.
  • By injuring no creature.
  • By control of the senses through Pranayama.
  • By not speaking against other religions.
  • By singing in praises and glory of Divinity.

Srimad Bhagavatam

Source: ‘Timeless Wisdom – The book of All Religions’ by Art of Living Publication

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