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Ramesh Balsekar on Past – Present – Future

The past is dead and the future is no-existent. There is only the present moment, the eternal present moment from which can be witnessed the illusory movement of the future into the past.

The present moment is not between the future and the past, but is the constant timeless dimension, outside duration.

The flow of time cannot be witnessed except from a position outside of duration.

It is stupid to live either in the frustration and successes of the past or in the projections of fears and hopes for the future. Remaining in the present moment, unconcerned with happiness or unhappiness, is the ‘within’ – the Kingdom of God, where there is nothing to be sought.

Ramesh Balsekar

(Source: Advaita on Zen and Tao – Insights on Huang Po and Lao Tzu by Ramesh Balsekar: Page 61.)