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Online Puja Facility at Official Baba Baidyanath Temple Website

The famous Deoghar Baba Baidyanath Temple in Jharkhand is offering E-puja or online puja facility. Through an online payment on the official Baba Baidyanath Temple website, one can offer Gangajal (holy water from Ganges), milk, pushpanjali and other pujas to Lord Shiva. Along with ‘prasad’ and other puja materials, if requested the temple officials will send a CD of the puja proceedings within a week.

The following E-puja can be done through the website:

  • Pushpanjali – offered to get rid of sins
  • Panchopachar – offered for fulfillment of desires
  • Pshodashopachar
  • Chausath upachar – offered for prosperity
  • Vaidik Rudrabhishek and Shiva Pujan
  • Baba baidyanath wilvapatra arpan
  • Offering of milk
  • Baba baidyanath's shringar
  • Dainik puja

A devotee can select any one or more from the puja list. The temple Purohits will perform the puja in the requested name. The cost of the puja ranges from Rupees 50 to 5000. Baba Baidyanath Dham is famous for the Shravan puja and millions of devotees visit the shrine during this period.

You can find more details about the Online Puja here at the official website