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Charri Mubarak Yatra to the Amarnath Cave Shrine

The original pilgrimage to the holy Amarnath Cave Shrine in Jammu and Kashmir follows the Charri Mubarak or holy mace of Shiva carried by the Mahant of Dashnami Akhara. The preparation for one-month long journey to the Amarnath cave along with Chhari Mubarak begins with Bhoomi Pujan and Dhawajarohan ceremonies at Pahalgam on Vyas Purnima day. The procession to the cave shrine will begin on Nag Panchami day after performing the Chhari Pujan at Dashnami Akhara in Srinagar.

The rituals associated with Charri Mubarak Yatra begins on the Guru Purnima day. The procession starts from Dashnami Akhara and reaches the shrine on the Shravan Poornima day.

Legend has it that the Charri Mubarak was presented to Sage Bringesh or Hingish by Lord Shiva. The details of Amarnath Yatra and how to undertake the pilgrimage is only found in the Hingish Samhita or Bringesh Samhita written by Sage Bringesh.

The holy mace after visiting numerous temples and sacred places will reach the Amarnath Cave Shrine on the Shravan Purnima day and this will mark the end of the annual pilgrimage season.