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Bhartruhari Quotes

Daily, with the rising and setting of the sun, life shortens and time is not felt on account of affairs heavily burdened with manifold activities. Neither is fear produced at beholding birth, death, old age and sufferings. The world is become mad by drinking the stupefying wine of delusion.

Possessed of tall mansions, of sons esteemed by the learned, of untold wealth, of a beloved wife of beneficence, and of youthful age, and thinking this world to be permanent, men deluded by ignorance run into this prison-house of worldliness; whereas blessed indeed is he who considering the transiency of the same world renounces it.

Bhartruhari – poet and philosopher of ancient world

(Source: ‘Vairagya Satakam’ by Swami Madhavananda)

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