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Aadi Amavasai

Aadi Amavasai is the no moon day, or the darkest day, in the Tamil month Aadi. In 2017, date of Aadi Amavasai is July 23. This Amavasi or Amavasya is dedicated to performing Tarpanam and Sharddham to dead relatives and ancestors. The day is also of great significance to Lord Muruga devotees.

The main rites and rituals dedicated to dead relatives are performed on the riverbank or on seashore. The method of performing the rituals varies from region to region and from community to community. Usually, elderly people and priests help people perform the various rituals like Tarpanam and Sharddham. A similar ritual known as Karkidaka Vavu Bali is performed in the neighboring State of Kerala on the day.

A fast (fasting) is observed by people on the day – some people only have a single meal on the day.

Hindus also take a holy dip in the various scared rivers, seas and sacred ponds or Teerthams. Agni Theertham in Rameswaram, Thriveni Sangamam in Kannyakumari and various holy ghats on the banks of Kaveri River are the most popular spots preferred for the holy dip.

Special poojas and abhishekams are conducted at all temples especially at Lord Muruga temples. Aadi month is of great importance to Lord Muruga, also known as Skanda and Subrahmanya. It is also widely believed in Tamil Nadu that all sins will be cleansed by taking a holy dip in the Shanmuga River in Palani on the Aadi Amavasya day. As a mark of respect and thanksgiving people also tonsure their head at Palani Muruga Temple on the day.