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Swami Ramdas on what is God Consciousness

You should know you are not the body, but the divine reality, pure wisdom, all-pervading light, infinite love, everlasting joy, all put together. That you are. Ordinarily man things he is a body subject to birth, growth, decay, disease and death. But he is truly the changeless, birthless, deathless Atman, whose nature is bliss and peace. To realize this is to attain God consciousness.

Man, in his state of ignorance, dwells in body-consciousness. When he rises to God-consciousness, he knows he is God.

An Incident

Once when Swami Ramdas visited the house of a devotee in Seattle in United States of America, a person who introduced Swami Ramdas to a group of spiritual aspirants said them, “I have brought God to show you.”

Swami Ramdas said, “God has come to see God.”

Swami Ramdas (1884 – 1963)

(Source: Book - God Experience, Swami Ramdas)