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Illustrated Book and DVD: A Festival of Krishna – Under the Kadamba Tree and Ateleliers of Love

The illustrated coffee-table book A Festival of Krishna – Under the Kadamba Tree along with a DVD movie titled ‘Ateleliers of Love’ is a journey of the loves of Krishna, his lilas, kridas and his madhurya and above all the rasa lila. The book and the movie are credited to Prof. Harsha V. Dehejia, a doctorate holder in ancient Indian culture. A Festival of Krishna is published by Roli Books.

About the book from the flyer

Krishna is not only for the royalty and the nobility, he belongs to the people, the potter and the puppeteer, the bride and the mother for he is celebrated at village fairs and in chowks. Equally the modern artist does not remain untouched by the magic of Krishna and depicts him on his palette. This journey is a festival of heart throbbing love and pulsating romance, of tender moments of longing and belonging and ultimately of listening to the flute of Krishna within oneself for that is where the journey ends.

About the movie Ateleliers of Love

In the film on DVD ‘Ateleliers of Love,’ Harsha V. Dehejia takes us on an enchanting journey of discovering the patrons and the palaces where Krishna paintings were made and where even today when the wind blows through the Kadamba tree we hear Krishna’s flute. We see the palaces of Mandu where we hear the foot falls of Baz Banadur and Rupa Mati, the forts of Kangra where Sansar Chand’s footprints are still seen and visit the enchanted environs of Kishangarh where we hear the hushed voices of Savant Singh and Bani Thani. And as the journey ends we are privy to some of the most glorious moments of five magnificent centuries of Krishna painting.

A Festival of Krishna
Prof. Harsha V. Dehejia
Hardback | 9.5" x 11.5" (241mm x 292mm) | 418 pp
Accompanied by a DVD movie

You can buy the book and DVD online at Roli Books