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Swami Sivananda on the rules that a Hindu Sannyasi (monk) should follow

A Sannyasi should shun praise like poison. He should accept censure as if it is nectar. He who is censured sleeps soundly, wakes soundly, but the person who censures perishes quickly.

A Hindu monk should not argue, he should not denounce anybody. For the sake of the body, he should not create any enmity.

He should not be angry with one who is angry with him; he should be friendly with him who censures him.

Desiring for nothing else than the final liberation of the soul, he should wander with his Self as his sole guide.

Company with other Sannyasins will lead to talks on politics, talks on Bhiksha, talks about friendship, enmity, jealousy, etc. Therefore company should not be made.

He should not crave either life or death. He should be indifferent to thorn. He should patiently await the time when he will be liberated.

Never should a Sannyasi even think in his mind to love, hate, supersede, delude, censure or injure other beings.

The Sannyasin shines like gold, like the sun, with his orange robe. He renounces the whole universe at a stretch and has nothing to do with anything except the One Self.

The Sannyasin has no heat, no cold, no joy, no sorrow, no day, no night, no sleep, no respect, no disgrace, no delusion, no hunger, no thirst, no birth, no death. He has no body; he is nobody.

Swami Sivananda

(Source: Extracts from his book his book 'Necessity for Sannyas.’)