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Lord Krishna to Uddhava in the Bhagavatam Regarding the Qualities of a Sage

Compassionate, without ill-will or enmity to any creature, forbearing, enduring, firm in truth, of faultless mind, same to all, doing good to all with his mind untainted by desires, self-restrained, mild, pure, gentle and pious, without possessions, penniless, physically inactive, moderate in food and drink, with controlled mind, firm, seeking refuge in Me (Krishna), and meditative, careful, vigilant, of a balanced mind, full of fortitude, having control over the six fold waves (hunger, thirst, sorrow, delusion, decay and death), not seeking respect from others but respecting others, expert, friendly, merciful, wise-such is a Sadhu or sage.

He who, knowing my injunctions and prohibitions in the performance of one's own Dharma or duties of life, even abandons them all for my sake and worships Me (Krishna), is the best of all Sadhus.

Lord Krishna to Uddhava in the Bhagavatam or Bhagavad Purana