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Jiddu Krishnamurti Thoughts on Violence and How to Get Rid of It

Fear, pleasure, sorrow, thought and violence are all interrelated. Most of us take pleasure in violence, in disliking somebody, hating a particular race or group of people, having antagonistic feelings towards others. But in a state of mind in which all violence has come to an end there is a joy which is very different from the pleasure of violence with its conflicts, hatreds and fears.

If we know how to look at violence, not only outwardly in society but also in ourselves then perhaps we shall be able to go beyond it.

To investigate the fact of your own anger you must pass no judgment on it, for the moment you conceive of its opposite you condemn it and therefore you cannot see it as it is. When you say you dislike or hate someone that is a fact, although it sounds terrible. If you look at it, go into it completely, it ceases, but if you say, ‘I must not hate; I must have love in my heart,’ then you are living in a hypocritical world with double standards. To live completely, fully in the moment is to live with what is, the actual, without any sense of condemnation or justification – then you understand it so totally that you are finished with it. When you see clearly to the problem is solved.

J Krishnamurti

(Source: Excerpts from the book – Freedom From The Known Chapter VI)