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Inspirational Thoughts from Swami Bodhananda

Most of us find that there is no fulfillment either in our home or work life. Our occupational and marriage relationships often give an appearance of satisfaction and harmony, but are you enjoying and growing as a person? No. You feel locked up, boxed into a situation and don’t know what to do.

You lack energy to do anything, and the reason is because, from the very beginning, you did not say exactly what you wanted from the relationship or contract with another.

Without acknowledging what your needs and the other person’s needs are, how can a common understanding develop? How can you discover a common ground so that, jointly, both of you can grow?

‘Saha dharmam caratha’ – ‘Let us walk together on the path of righteousness.’ This line is recited in Hindu marriage ceremonies. That is the basis and meaning of marriage: we are trying to mutually grow in our association with one another. As we mutually grow in relationship, the unique needs and talents of each person are expressed and fulfilled.

Swami Bodhananda

Source: Extract from the book ‘Seven Hindu Spiritual Laws of Success’ by Swami Bodhananda