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Games Based on Ramayana

Vanavaas, Search for Sita and Battle for Lanka are three games based on Ramayana from Kreeda, an organization involved in making and popularizing traditional Indian games. The main aim of the games based on Ramayana is to introduce the immortal the Indian epic to children through games. Apart from the games based on Ramayan, Kreeda also has numerous other traditional Indian games.

Kreeda means ‘play’ in Sanskrit and all the games are eco-friendly and special care is given to child safety.

The game Vanavaas begins with Rama and Lakshmana leaving Ayodhya and follows their adventures in the forest. The game follows Rama’s stay at Chitrakoot, Bharata’s encounter with Rama, the demons Rama and Lakshmana encounter in the forest, the meeting with Shoorpanaka and the incident of the golden deer.

The game is a board game and is played with long dice – the traditional dice in India.

Search for Sita is the sequel to Vanavaas and here Rama and Lakshmana meet Hanuman and the journey to Ravan’s Lanka and the game has other adventures.

Battle of Lanka is a card game and the purpose of the game is to familiarize children with the characters and events of the battle of Lanka. Colorful and illustrated cards with information about the character or event in the battle are used to play the game.

Another interesting game introduced by Kreeda is ‘Parama Pada Sopanam,’ or Steps to the Highest Place, the traditional version of Snakes and Ladders. The snakes, which are representative of certain vices, in the game are replaced by characters in Hindu mythology like Khumbhakarna (laziness), Mahabali (pride), and Bakasura (greed).

You can find more details about the games and buy them online at Kreeda Games.